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Wedding Makeup Dubai: How to Make It Perfect

Wedding in Dubai can be a life-changing experience and an event you will remember for many years ahead. So many things to take into account to make it perfect, and wedding makeup is one of the most important ones.

If you are unsure how to arrange your wedding makeup Dubai in the best way possible, these tips might come in handy.

Choose a wedding makeup Dubai artist

First things first: if you want to look stunning at your wedding, hire a professional. It’s the best way to take off additional strain and hassle off your shoulders. There are a lot of talented and experienced wedding makeup artists in Dubai and all of them are online so make sure to do a quick search and hire the one that suits you best of all.

Go for a trial

There are so many wedding makeup techniques; to choose the one which emphasizes your natural beauty, you may need some time for testing. Arrange a test makeup session with your artist two or three weeks before the wedding to evaluate different aspects of your makeup in advance.

Wear a white T-shirt

Once at your trial session, make sure to wear white clothes so you can instantly see how it resonates with the makeup. You can also take a photo of yourself to understand how your wedding pictures are going to look like.

Focus on eyes, skin and eyebrows

If you’re going to make an eyelash extension, make sure to use individual lashes to reach the best effect. Keep your eyebrows richly lined but soft and your skin smooth and natural-looking to create a perfect look. Once these are in place, the rest of the makeup will complement the overall look nicely.

Avoid glitter

Few brides use glitter for a wedding and it’s one of the things to avoid when having a wedding in Dubai. Lots of sunshine and light will make your skin look oily and the wedding photos may not live up to your expectations.

Make sure to keep these wedding makeup Dubai tips in mind when arranging your big day to make it perfect.

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