Five Photoshoot Makeup Dubai Tips You Should Know

Dubai is an incredible place to organize your photoshoot session and get unforgettable memories. Plenty of sunshine and light, beautiful scenery and sweeping city views create an excellent background for your photos.

To make your photoshoot makeup Dubai perfect, check out these helpful tips to keep in mind.

Prep your skin

Skin is probably the most important thing to start with. First of all, make sure it’s properly hydrated. Next, use a quality primer to achieve a smooth, natural-looking effect. Remember that a primer should produce a long-lasting effect so you won’t get caught up in the middle of the event with half the makeup gone.


You may not be fond of contouring but it does help you look great in photos. Contour any feature you’d like to look prominent, be it a nose, a jawline or cheekbones and enjoy a more sophisticated look.

Emphasize your eyes

A good rule of thumb is to go a bit bolder than you usually do. That being said, don’t be afraid to add more mascara and eyeliner than you are used to (just don’t overdo!). Remember about adding false lashes to create a deeper effect.

Evaluate lightning

It’s true that your makeup will look differently depending on the lighting around. Take your time and evaluate the makeup in various positions and lightning so you know exactly how it looks like in each perspective.

Take a selfie

Yes, it does help to snap a photo of yourself before actually heading for a photoshoot makeup Dubai. It never hurts to check one more time if everything looks just like you want and this way you’ll have time to fix things should something goes wrong.

So many tips to take into account to make your photoshoot makeup session outstanding; start with these recommendations and there’s a good chance you’ll find it much easier to do everything properly.

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