Eyelash Extension Dubai

Where to Get the Best Eyelash Extension Dubai

Eyelash extension is an extremely popular cosmetic procedure. Indeed, its effect is visible right upon applying it and improves your looks dramatically.

If you happen to be in Dubai and wonder what are the best beauty salons to get a perfect eyelash extension, look no further. Here’s a selection of some great places you might want to consider.

Eyelash extension Dubai: 4 go-to salons to get it done perfectly

Pastels Salon

To get natural-looking, luxurious eyelashes that will last for as much as two weeks, go to the Pastels Salon. You will get one hundred and forty individual eyelashes that will create a stunning effect and make you feel more confident than ever.

If you’re on a tight budget, try lash tinting instead – it’s more affordable but the result is no less great.

The White Room Spa

This beauty salon is famous for its eyelash extension Dubai. They say you can get the healthiest eyelash extension here. With the salon having three locations across Dubai, it’s easy to book your session and undergo the procedure quickly.

Sisters Beauty Lounge

Another high-quality eyelash extension is done at the Sisters Beauty Lounge. Natural-looking, synthetic eyelashes are applied directly to your eyelashes one-by-one allowing for a great long-lasting effect.

Platinum Black

For a high-quality service and customized experience, go to the Platinum Black salon. Having a great product range and skilled staff, these guys can do wonders.

Dubai offers an unbelievable range of cosmetic procedures. They are of the highest quality and easy to book. With the eyelash extension being one of the most popular cosmetic improvements, you will definitely want to give it a try. The make up artists in Dubai will make sure to complement your natural beauty with a tailored solution.

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