Make up artists Dubai

I Natasha Dubovtceva - professional makeup artist, stylist.

Makeup and everything connected with it, is my business, passion and enthusiasm of life. I love, strive and constantly work to ensure that girls and women looked in the mirror and like yourself!

My job as a professional stylist, find and highlight the merits, to disguise or "beat" the shortcomings, to create a harmonious and complete image.

I work with different types of make-up: will create a harmonious image of the wedding, I'll do a terrific evening makeup, pick up images at a photo shoot, and just tell you how to highlight your beauty.


Whether you are on your dream holiday in Dubai or just moved here, perfect looks is something that is always well worth time and effort.

For one reason or another, you may lack time, skills and quality cosmetics to create an excellent makeup. Contacting a professional makeup artist Dubai is probably the easiest way out.

Here are a few tips on how to choose amakeup artist Dubaiwhowill really do a stellar job of creating beautiful looks for you.

Take a look at their makeup techniques

You need your make up to not only be beautiful but long-lasting too. If you are to look good throughout the day, your artist needs to use high-quality cosmetics and apply some advanced techniques.

To hire a good makeup artist, take a look at their portfolio and find some customer reviews online. This way you will be able to instantly see who is who.

Choose a makeup artist Dubai you like 100 percent

Since you are going to be involved with your personal money, you need to work with someone who you are completely confident in. If the artist’s work makes you tick and he or she answers any of your questions honestly and professionally, this could be your perfect match!

Book your appointments right away

You won’t believe how overloaded really good makeup artists are.If you don’t want your make up session to turn into a huge disappointment, book it in advance. Dubai is a busy city with thousands of tourists arriving every day, so you wouldn’t like to end up waiting endlessly.

Plan your make up budget in advance

Professional looks don’t come cheap; but planning everything beforehand and understanding your possibilities can help you a lot. Take your time to do a quick research online and explore the common pricing. Next, narrow down your options to match your financial opportunities. More often than not, you can find a great artist that will perfectly suit both your budget and requirements.

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